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Quick Facts About Advisors

What you don't know about about financial advisors is a major source of risk. You hope you select a professional with the best qualifications. What if you selected the professional with the best sales skills? 

Quick Facts can help you make better decisions in five minutes or less.


Advisors want to control all of the information you rely on when you select, retain, and replace financial professionals. If they are successful controlling information they can also control your decisions.

Disclosure Requirements

Financial advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. It is legal to withhold information that may cause you to reject sales recommendations or terminate current relationships. It is your sole responsibility to ask the right questions and know good answers (benefit you) from bad ones (damage you).

Provide information that helps them sell products. withhold informaiton that interfers with the sales process.

Why Withhold Information?

You would not buy if you had all of the facts. For example, a new advisor was selling used cars six months ago. Or, an advisor with a great personality, has a history of client complaints. Or, the advisor is selling products with big expenses and big commissions.

Sales Skills

The lower the quality of the advisor the higher the probability he will rely on his sales skills to make a living. HIs biggest challenge is to convince you he is an ethical financial expert. Your challenge is to separate fact from fiction.  


Salesmen do not like documentation. That is why sales pitches are verbal. They have a lot more latitude when there is no record of what they say. if there is a future dispute, it is your word against theirs. You will lose because you have no documentation.

Wall Street

If you think the deck is stacked in Wall Street's favor you would be right. You have seen the headlines. Wall Street is notorious for doing what is best for its firms, executives, and advisors. How does it get away with it? It makes sure the rules favor Wall Street and not you.


Do not assume regulators will protect you from bad advisors, bad advice, and bad financial products. They are controlled or influenced by Wall Street interests.

Paladin says.....

Advisors want to control what you see and hear. If they are successful, it is easy to sell you the financial products that make them the most money. Your best protection is knowledge.

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