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Paladin publishes articles that provide unique insight into the world of Wall Street and the financial advisors who sell its products and services. You will not find this type of content on any other website. We encourage you to read the articles that interest you. The more know you know the better prepared you are to protect your financial interests from bad advisors and many of the industry's most predatory business practices. 

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The Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation can be of critical importance for reasons that are largely hidden by the financial services industry. That's because the industry allows anyone to call themselves a financial planner whether they have the necessary knowledge or not. But, they do not want you to know that. This means your planner could have three months of planning experience or is an insurance agent...More

How to Select the Best Advisor

Most investors use subjective processes when they select financial advisors. For example, they select advisors based on: personalities, sales pitches, brand names, and promises of high returns for low risk. Personalities and sales pitches have nothing to do with the competence and ethics of advisors and promises are illegal (no one can predict future returns or events). There has to be a safer, easier way for investors to...More

Who are the Real Financial Experts?

Every financial advisor in America claims to be an investment expert. They do not provide any type of track record that documents this claim. In the absence of documentation, these advisors know you have no way to invalidate their claims so they are free to make sales claims that are designed to convince you they are real experts. Less ethical advisors use sophisticated sales pitches to make unsubstantiated claims that are...More

Why Pay Fees for Financial Advice?

There is a lot of confusion about the compensation of financial advisors. Should they be compensated with fees or commissions? How much are they paid? What services do investors receive for the money they pay them? Should advisors provide written disclosure for their compensation? The confusion is no accident. It exists because Wall Street wants it to exist. This is because the financial services industry has a core...More

Make Sure Your Advisor is a Financial Fiduciary

Very few investors know the critical importance of selecting an investment fiduciary as their financial advisor. That's because the financial securities industry deliberately blurs the distinctions so lower quality sales representatives can sell you their products for substantial fees and commissions. It is important to know there are two primary types of investment advisors and not one. Following is a brief description of...More

Who are the Best Financial Advisors?

They are not the advisors who bought you a "free" lunch or invited you to attend a "free", no strings attached seminar. They are not the advisors who buy free drinks at the club or pay for golf. These popular sales tactics are used by sales representatives who rely on on their marketing skills to make a living. Higher quality financial advisors do not resort to deceptive sales tactics to meet prospective...More

Seven Critical Questions for Advisors

You will dramatically reduce your exposure to bad financial advice and potential scams if you learn to ask the following seven questions before you select a financial advisor. You will have additional questions, but make sure you always ask the ones on this list. Can you prove you are licensed to provide investment advice, services, and products? You want a "Yes" answer. However, you should make...More

What is Financial Advisor Due Diligence?

Think about selecting a financial advisor as a competition and there is only one winner. You and your family are on one team. You want to achieve your financial goals. The other team is the financial advisors. Their goal is maximize their personal incomes. If you select the right advisor, you win. If you select the wrong advisor, you lose. Your team needs a competent, ethical advisor who has the specialized knowledge and...More

Top 10 Myths About Advisors

Wall Street uses sophisticated marketing tactics to convince you to buy its financial advice, products, and services. One type of tactic is what advisors tell you to gain control of your assets.  There are myths (not true) and there are realities (true). As you will see, the myths create substantial risk when you select financial advisors and follow their advice or recommendatons. The more you know about myths, the...More


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