Paladin Registry’s Guest posting guidelines

Paladin Registry’s Guest posting guidelines

Topic areas:

  1. The positive and negative aspects of relationships between investors and their advisors. For example: how to select quality professionals; how to recognize bad advice; how to avoid bad advice; how to recognize deceptive sales practices; what is advisor transparency; why select a fiduciary, etc.
  2. Wall Street marketing/business practices (primarily those that damage investors). For example: Wall Street fights disclosure and documentation; Wall Street fights fiduciary standard for reps; Wall Street conflicts of interest; Why advisors leave Wall Street firms to go independent, etc.
  3. Educational. For example: articles about investment services and products and how they work; confusion on job titles; advisor compensation; investment expenses; performance, etc.
  4. Hot current topics. For example: what appears in the media that might be read by investors.

Review & Approval:

Submitting an idea for approval before writing the article is desired. This does not guarantee an approval of the article for posting, but it does ensure that an investment of time is not made when the topic is not applicable.

All articles are subject to review and approval by Paladin staff. Paladin reserves the right to make minor edits before articles are published.

Post length:

300-700 words.


Based on review and approval, content will be posted in two business days.


Paladin does not publish repurposed material. If this is not an original piece of work, then at least 30% of the content must be changed before Paladin will publish the article.

All comments will be approved before they are sent to the guest writer. Notification to the writer will be via email. Paladin wants interaction between readers and guest contributors.

Categories, Keywords, Links, Photos:

This is supplied/included by Paladin’s Editor. If an article or bio needs a link referenced, then it will be provided to our Editor who will edit the final material accordingly.

A link to the blogger’s website will be placed in the bio, whenever possible. If writing about another story written and need to reference that in the new post, that link is allowed.

Author bio:

A short bio (300 words or less) is to be included. In addition, there will be a photo and website link.

Copy editing:

Once an article is submitted, Paladin’s Editor will select the categories and keywords, insert a photo and any necessary links and will also proofread the content. No major changes to the title or content aside from grammatical/spelling errors will be done. Once published, the only time a change is made is if there is a significant error that needs correcting.


Paladin should be able to link out to guest’s website, via the bio and/or the article. Through their own promotion of their written content, should be linked back.


It’s accepted practice that a guest post should not include any promotion.

Social sharing:

Paladin will post the article through our channels, and appreciate if they also post through their channels.

IP rights:

Guest posts belong to It is credited to the author and cannot be republished anywhere else.

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