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Paladin produces FREE research reports for Robos and OFAs (Online Financial Advisors).


The research reports contain information that was obtained from Robo and OFA websites, Terms of Service documents, ADVs at the SEC, and compliance reports at FINRA. Paladin researchers also reviewed information on third party websites (Yelp, RipOffReport) and conducted Google name searches. View our Infographic on Robo Advisors!

Paladin Transparency Index (PTI)

You should be able to find all of the information you need to select a top quality Robo or OFA on its website. However, some firms withhold information that could cause you to reject their services. This is a deceptive business practice. Firms get away with it when you do know information is being withheld from you. 

That is why we developed PTI scores to measure the completeness and accuracy of information on Robo and OFA websites. The concept is very straightforward:

  • Advisor A practices full transparency (PTI Score = 5.0)
  • Advisor B obscures certain information (PTI Score = 3)
  • Advisor C withholds important information (PTI Score = 1)  

Research Reports

Paladin has researched the Robos and OFAs on this list. Service providers are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the name of the firm to view a Paladin research report. Please notify us if you are aware of a Robo or OFA that is not on the list.

Paladin says.....

Use free services or commit a small amount of assets to test the temperature of the water before you jump in.

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