Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We provide services to individual investors and their families. We do not provide services to institutional investors, for  example: Pension plans, endowments, or foundations.

Who are the investors? They are people like you who rely on advisors to help them achieve their financial goals.

Our users fall into three general categories:

  • They are replacing financial advisors
  • They are first time users
  • They are DIY's who are transferring assets to advisors
Replacing Financial Advisors

Every year millions of consumers replace their financial advisors for the following reasons:

  • Advisors mispreresented their qualifications
  • Results did not meet expectations
  • Risk exposure was excessive
  • Advisors were no longer considered trustworthy
  • Ongoing communications and reporting were inadequate

These investors use the Registry to replace advisor,s so they do not make the same mistakes twice.

First Time Users

A high percentage of our users have not used the services of financial advisors in the past. There are several reasons why they decided to begin relying on advisors to help them plan their futures and invest their assets.

  • They accumulated a material amount of assets: sale of a business, inheritance, real estate transaction
  • They are rolling assets from a 401k into an IRA
  • They need planning and investment services
  • They are concerned about their financial security during retirement

Paladin provides an invaluable menu of services for investors who have no experience researching, interviewing, or selecting financial advisors.

Do It Yourselfers (DIYs)

Another type of user are the DIYs who no longer want to plan their financial futures or invest assets on their own. Each DIY can have different reasons for turning their serious money over to financial professionals.

  • They no longer have time to do the work themselves
  • They have accumulated more assets than they are comfortable investing on the own
  • They need planning and other specialized financial advice
  • Their performance is lagging the results of professionals
  • They are not sure how to minimize their risk in volatile markets

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