What We Do

About Paladin

What is Wall Street’s deepest, darkest secret that impacts you?

What We Do

We provide FREE services, information, and tools to individual investors who rely on advisors to help them achieve their financial goals.

  • We find the best financial advisors for you
  • We vet financial advisor backgrounds for you
  • We document advisor credentials, ethics, and business practices
  • We use a computer program to match you to the right advisors
  • We provide general information about advisors (About Advisors)
  • We provide tools that help you make better decisions (Investor Tools)
We Find Financial Advisors

The best financial advisors share a set of common characteristics. They are:

  • Financial fiduciaries (highest ethical standard)
  • Compensated with fees for their advice and services
  • Financial experts based on their education, experience, and certifications
  • Trustworthy professionals based on their records of compliance
We Vet & Document Advisors

Our analysts vet financial advisor credentials, ethics, business practices and services.

  • We ask the right questions for you
  • We review advisor responses
  • We validate advisor responses using public data

Then we document each advisor's background information in online profiles that are one more source of public data when you research advisors.

We Provide a Free Match Service

Our proprietary computer program matches you to the right advisors - based on mutual requirements. We provide match results the same day or no later than the next business day.

We Provide a Free Directory Service

We manage a Directory you can use to select the advisors you want to interview. The advisors' listings give you access to profiles that document their credentials, ethics, business practices and services.

About Advisors

The more you know about financial advisors, the higher the probability you will select the best financial advisor for the right reasons. The less you know about advisors, the greater the risk you will select the advisor with the best sales skills.

Go to "About Advisors" on the top navigation if you would like to learn more about financial advisors before you start the interview process. The information is free and there are no registration requirements.

Investor Tools

In addition to information about advisors, we also provide tools that help you make better decisions when you select advisors who will influence or control your financial decisions and results.

For example, use our Check a Credential service to verify the quality of an advisor's certifications. Or, read a FREE eBook that describes the best way to interview advisors before you make your final selection decision.

Go to "Investor Tools" on the top navigation to access these tools. The tools are free and there are no registration requirements.

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