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In the News

Paladin provides a unique menu of FREE Facts, Insight, and Services to people who rely on financial professionals to help them invest in the securities markets. Insight is unique because it is information that Wall Street does not want you have. Financial advisors withhold the information because you will not buy what they are selling if you have the information.

You have seen the headlines. There is a lot going on that Wall Street does not want you to know.

Paladin professionals spent more than 50 years in the financial service industry. They have researched the credentials, ethics, and business practices of more than 30,000 financial planners, financial advisors, and money managers. They are experts on financial advisors and the relationships that exist between investors and their advisors.

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  • Our proprietary program connects you to the right financial advisors.
  • We validate and document advisor credentials, ethics, and business practices for you.
  • You select the advisors you want to interview.