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Frequent Questions

Should financial advisors have warning labels?

Yes. They can be hazardous to your financial health. But, that is not going to happen. Advisors do not have any mandatory disclosure requirements.

The stock market has been positive for six years. What are my biggest risks of bad advice?

Short-term risks are under-performance, excessive risk exposure, and high expenses. Your biggest intermediate risk is another major market decline. Your biggest long-term risk is failure to achieve your financial goals.

How can Paladin afford to provide free services to investors?

Paladin sponsors a Registry that is an association of 5 Star rated financial planners, advisors, and money managers. These professionals and firms pay monthly dues that Paladin uses to provide free information services to investors.

How can Paladin help me select the best financial advisor?

Advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. It is your responsibility to ask the right questions and know good answers from bad ones. Paladin asks the questions for you, rates the quality of the advisors' responses, and provides online documentation. You make the right decision because you have the facts.

What does it cost to use Paladin's information services?

There is no fee or obligation. All of our online information services are provided free to investors.

Do I have to register to use Paladin information and services?

There are no registration requirements to access our information about advisors. We ask for your email address if you select a service that requires us to communicate with you.

Do advisors have to qualify to be profiled in Paladin's Registry?

Yes, they must meet our minimum requirements, complete our research process, and score in the 90% percentile or higher when we rate the quality of their credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

How do advisors achieve 5 Star quality ratings?

The rating is a score that is produced by our proprietary algorithm. For example, advisors with more experience score higher than advisors with less experience. Advisors with college degrees score higher than advisors without degrees. Advisors who hold CFA, CIMA, CFA, CFP, and CPA designations score higher than advisors who do not hold these designations.

Why are all of the advisors in the Registry rated 5 Stars?

The 5 Star quality rating is a minimum requirement to be profiled in the Registry.

Does Paladin sell financial advice, services, or products?

No we do not. We provide independent research and ratings for financial advisors and firms. 

Paladin says.....

You make the right decisions when you have access to factual information that is provided by an independent third party that does not benefit from your financial decisions.

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