Who Are The Best Advisors?

The best financial advisors have certain characteristics that define their knowledge, ethics, and business practices.

They are the advisors who have the specialized expertise you need to achieve your financial goals.

They are the advisors you can trust to put your financial interests first.

Look for these characteristics when you interview advisors.

Select the advisor who comes closest to matching all of these criteria.

We recommend interviewing top quality financial advisors who are profiled in the Paladin Registry.

The Best Financial Advisors

Following are the Top 10 characteristics that you should look for when you interview financial advisors. The advisors should:

1. Be financial fiduciaries (written acknowledgement).

2. Be compensated with fees (asset-based, fixed, hourly).

3. Be RIAs (Registered Investment Advisor) or IARs (Investment Advisor Representative).

4. Have clean compliance records (as per FINRA and the SEC).

5. Have years of relevant financial experience (planning, investing).

6. Have college degrees and/or industry certifications.

7. Provide financial advice and ongoing wealth management services.

8. Recommend the services of a brand name custodian.

9. Be easy to research on the Internet (website, databases, name search)

10. Practice full transparency for their credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.




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