Types of Advisors

You have three choices when you select a financial firm or advisor to invest your assets in the securities markets: Personal Financial Advisors, Online Financial Advisors, and Salesmen. It is up to you to know the critical differences between the vaious types of service providers and select the one that is best for you. The information on this website will help you make the right decision.

Personal Financial Advisors (PFAs)

In the past, PFAs were the the only type of financial advisor. They live in your community, they meet with you face-to-face, and they provide various combinations of financial advice and services that include: Planning, Investment, Insurance, and Tax. In addition, higher quality PFAs provide services that are based on your individual requirements. 

Online Financial Advisors (OFAs)

OFAs are Internet advisors. They may provide comprehensive services like the PFAs or they may be limited to one service (planning or investing). They may or may not provide services that are tailored to your situation. And, OFA contact is frequently limited to email, telephone, and Skype. OFAs may have particular appeal to younger, more tech-savvy investors, and investors in remote locations who do not have access to high quality advisors in their communities.


Anyone can call themselves a financial advisor. Many of them are salesmen who claim to be financial advisors or financial planners to reduce your sales resistance. These fake advisors may have been selling used cars six months ago. They changed industries to make more money. Now they want to invest your retirement savings.

These salesmen are also called registered representatives and stockbrokers. Their licensing does NOT permit them to provide financial advice and ongoing financial services. They are limited to selling investment and insurance products for commissions. Salesmen are very dangerous when they masquerade as advisors to gain control of your assets.

Paladin says.....

There are critical differences between the three types of financal service providers. It is up to you to know enough to select the best advisor for you situation. View Paladin Research Reports to learn more about OFAs.


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