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Guides are short tutorials that describe best practices for processes that help you make the right decisions when you select new advisors, monitor current advisors, and replace advisors who did not meet your expectations. Our most popular Guide provides valuable tips that help you select the best financial advisor. Another frequently used Guide helps you avoid bad financial advisors.

Our Expertise

Guides represent the accumulated knowledge of Paladin founders who spent more than 50 years in the financial service industry. Paladin professionals have researched and rated thousands of financial advisors since 2003. We know how to: Identify high quality advisors, avoid bad advisors, and create positive working relationship with professionals who impact the accumulation and preservation of retirement assets. 

Our Independence

We do not derive income from your assets. All of our Guides, Facts, and services are provided FREE to investors. We have nothing to sell you.

Regulatory Agencies

Can you rely on regulatory agencies (SEC, FINRA, State Securiites Commissioners) to protect you from bad advisors? As you may have noticed, most regulatory actions occur after they receive complaints from investors.  By then the damage has already occurred. Your assets are diminished in value or gone. You need a "preventative" solution that helps you avoid bad advisors.


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