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You select the advisor(s) you want to talk to when you use Paladin's FREE Directory service to find vetted, 5 Star rated professionals and firms in your area.

How it Works (You)

  • Zip Code: You enter your location to find advisors in your area
  • About: You can view advisor information (credentials, ethics, business practices)
  • Compare: You can compare the qualifications of multiple advisors side-by-side 
  • Select: You select the advisor(s) you want to talk to

How it Works (Paladin)

  • Minimum Assets: We match your available assets to the advisor's minimum asset requirements
  • Services: We make sure the advisor provides the services you are seeking
  • Contact: We initiate contact with the advisor(s) for you

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We refer you to advisors who meet your specific requirements. Our FREE Advisor Referral Service takes the guesswork out of selecting a financial advisor. You do not waste time talking to the wrong advisors. You select the right advisor.