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"We provide the facts. You select the best advisor."

Jack Waymire, Paladin founder

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This FREE Paladin service helps you find vetted, validated financial planners and financial advisors who work in your area. Some advisors will be closer than other advisors. We have listed additional advisors so you have more choices. 

How it Works

All you enter is your zip code to use our Directory application.

We display listings for advisors who work in your area.

You have online access to four services that help you select the best advisor:

  • Find vetted, validated financial advisors in your area
  • View research reports for each advisor
  • Select the advisor(s) you want to talk to
  • Contact the advisors three ways: Email, Telephone, Website

Paladin Tip.....

Finding advisors is easy, they usually find you. Unfortunately, most of the advisors who find you are salesmen. The best advisors do very little marketing. Consequently, you have to find them. Our Directory application helps you find, research, and contact these advisors.