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Our free Registry service connects you to local financial advisors who received our 5-Star quality rating.

We find top quality financial advisors for you. We vet, rate, and document their education, experience, certifications, and ethics. We match you to the best financial advisors. 

"Our only business is vetting, rating, and documenting the quality of financial advisors. You select the best advisor."
Jack Waymire, Paladin Founder
Author: Who's Watching Your Money?

Looking for a financial expert you can trust? Paladin's free match service does the work for you.

How it Works

  • You submit your request
  • We email your results the same day
  • 5-Star advisors contact you by telephone or email

Why Paladin?

  • Our service is FREE, we have nothing to sell you
  • We vet, rate, and document advisors for you
  • We provide the facts; you make the right decisions
  • You talk to real financial experts, not salesmen who claim to be experts

Why Use the Registry

  • How does Paladin help me select the best financial advisor?
    Advisors must achieve 5-Star quality ratings to be listed in the Registry.
  • How does Paladin produce 5-Star quality ratings?
    Advisors must score in the 90th percentile or higher when our algorithm rates the quality of their credentials, ethics, and business practices.
  • How does Paladin help me avoid bad financial advisors?
    Our vetting and rating processes exclude them from the Registry.
  • How does Paladin documentation help me select the best advisor?
    You have the facts you need to make the right decision.