Sam Bills

Telephone Advisor

I. Snapshot

A. Registry Member
  • Since 2004
B. Years of Experience
  • 13
C. College Degrees
  • None
D. Certifications
  • None
E. Financial Fiduciary
  • Yes
F. Business Philosophy
G. Asset Requirement
  • $100,000

II. Contact Information

A. Key Contact
  • Did Not Answer
B. Main Location
  • Knoxville, Tennessee, 37919
C. Telephone
  • 865.525.1329

III. Internet

A. Visit Website

IV. Firm(s)

A. Name of Firm
  • Did Not Answer
B. Relationship to Firm
  • Independent Contractor
C. Name of RIA
  • Did Not Answer
D. Name of Broker/Dealer
  • Did Not Answer
E. Name(s) of Custodian(s)
  • Did Not Answer

V. Credentials

A. Years of Financial Experience
  • 13 Years
B. College, Degrees, Years
  • None
C. Current Certifications
  • None
D. Association Memberships
  • None

VI. Registration, Licensing,

A. RIA/IAR Registration
  • IAR
B. Type of RIA Registration
  • None
C. Industry Licenses
  • Did Not Answer
D. Registration & License Numbers
  • CRD: 4554782
  • IARD: None
  • Insurance: None
E. State Licences
F. Compliance Record (Investment)
  • No Disclosures
G. Compliance Record (Insurance)
  • No Disclosures
H. Criminal Disclosure(s)
  • None
I. Additional Disclosure(s)
  • None
J. View our ADV(s)
  • Available Upon Request
K. Links

VII. Business Data & Practices

A. Business Philosophy
B. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • $100,000
C. Number of Current Clients
  • Available Upon Request
D. Assets (Management, Advisement)
  • Available Upon Request
E. Methods of Compensation
  • Did Not Answer
F. Methods of Communication
  • Did Not Answer
G. Types of Reports (Frequency)
  • Did Not Answer
H. Second Language(s)
  • None
I. Value Statement
  • Not Available

VIII. Clients & Services

A. Types of Clients
  • Did not answer
B. Types of Financial Services
  • Planning Advice & Services
  • Investment Advice & Services
C. Discretionary Asset Management
  • No
D. Limited Engagement Services

IX. Certification

Advisor Name
  • Sam Bills
Most Recent Update:
  • Jun 29, 2016