Glenn Wessel


I. Snapshot

A. Key Contact Name
  • Glenn Wessel
B. Credentials
  • Years of Experience: 23
  • Degrees or Years of College: Northern Illinois University B.S.
  • Certifications: CFA®, CPA, CFP®
C. Compliance Record
  • No Disclosures
D. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • None
E. Types of Client Relationships
  • Traditional
  • Virtual

II. Contact Information

A. Key Contact
  • Glenn Wessel
B. Main Location
  • 22 South Pack Square
    Suite #400
    Asheville, North Carolina, 28801
C. Comments
  • (We're in the historic Jackson Building.)

III. Internet

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IV. Firm(s)

A. Name of Firm
  • Wessel Investment Counsel, L.L.C.
B. Name of RIA
  • Wessel Investment Counsel, L.L.C.
C. Name of Broker/Dealer
  • Shareholders Service Group, Inc.
D. Relationship to Firm
  • Owner
E. Comments
  • The portfolios we manage are held at Shareholders Service Group, Inc., but we do not represent that firm in any way. As a fiduciary firm, we represent only our clients' interests.

V. Credentials

A. Paladin Quality Rating
  • 5 Stars
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B. Years of Financial Experience
  • 23 Years
C. Education, Degrees, Years
  • Northern Illinois University - B.S.
D. Current Certifications
E. Financial Industry Associations (Active Memberships)
  • CFA Institute
  • CFP Board of Standards, Inc.
  • NC Board of CPA Examiners
F. Firm Credentials
  • Number of professionals 3
  • Combined years of experience 27
  • Combined degrees 3
  • Combined certifications 3

VI. Registration, Licensing,

A. RIA/IAR Registration
  • RIA and IAR
B. Type of RIA Registration
  • State - North Carolina
C. Industry Licenses
  • None
D. Registration & License Numbers
  • CRD: 1430479
  • IARD: None
  • Insurance: None
E. State Licences
  • Financial Advice, Services for Fees: North Carolina
  • Investment Products for Commission: Not Applicable
F. Compliance Record (Investment)
  • No Disclosures
G. Compliance Record (Insurance)
  • No Disclosures
H. Criminal Disclosure(s)
  • None
I. Additional Disclosure(s)
  • We represent our clients, not a brokerage firm or an insurance company. As such, we manage financial assets and provide planning advice, but do not... View More
    We represent our clients, not a brokerage firm or an insurance company. As such, we manage financial assets and provide planning advice, but do not actually sell any financial products and do not accept commissions.
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K. Links

VII. Business Data & Practices

A. Business Philosophy
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    The straight scoop:… If you’'re like me, you don'’t like partial truths, misleading statements, puffery, or anything else that smacks of bias. In that vein, I have taken great pains to create a fully independent investment advisory and financial planning practice that is honest and transparent to its core. If you'’ll spend a few minutes on our website (button above), I am certain you will find our approach to be straightforward and sincere.

B. Minimum Asset Requirement
  • None
C. Number of Current Clients
  • 76
D. Assets (Management, Advisement)
  • $58,475,885
E. Methods of Compensation
  • Hourly Fee
  • Fixed Fee
  • Asset-Based Fee
F. Methods of Communication
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Telephone
  • Email
G. Types of Reports (Frequency)
  • Performance (Quarterly)
  • Brokerage Statement (Monthly)
  • Newsletters (Quarterly)
H. Second Language(s)
  • None
I. Value Statement
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    Beware of watered-down advisor credentials. The credentials I have took me almost 13 years to acquire. Paladin rates credentials, too, and gives each of my credentials its best rating of 5 stars: CFA - "The most highly regarded credential that is currently available to financial advisors." CFP - "The most highly regarded financial planner designation." CPA - "The most recognized credential in the U.S." I've done my homework.

VIII. Clients & Services

A. Types of Clients
  • Individuals & Couples (Working Years)
  • Individuals & Couples (Retirement Years)
B. Types of Financial Services
  • Planning Advice & Services
  • Investment Advice & Services
C. Discretionary Asset Management
  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary
D. Limited Engagement Services
  • Planning Only
  • Financial Plan Reviews
  • Investment Portfolio Reviews
E. Custodian(s)
  • Shareholders Service Group, Inc. / Pershing, LLC
F. Comments
  • Although we utilize the services of a custodian to carry our clients' accounts, we are completely independent of our custodian (which is very different from being an independently-run office of that custodian). This arrangement allows us to pursue our clients' interests without interference from an outside party.

IX. Certification

Advisor Name
  • Glenn Wessel
Most Recent Update:
  • Mar 2, 2016