David Hunter

Credentials: CFP®

82 Patton Ave., Suite 202
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801
Telephone: 828.337.9395
Registry Member Since 2009

Business Philosophy

Our mission is simple- provide our clients with the professional financial assistance they need to reach their dreams! As co-founder of Horizons Wealth Mgt, an independent fee-only firm, I'm committed to providing completely objective advice and excellent services. As a former college athlete, I know what it means to be part of a team. We use these principles to enable our clients with the highest quality services to reach their financial goals. As part of our commitment, we also hold to a fiduciary standard in every aspect of the advisory relationship, which means our honest objectivity is not compromised by the lure of commissions or referral fees.

1. What are your firm names?
  • Registered Investment Advisor

    Horizons Wealth Management, Inc.

2. How is your RIA registered?
  • State: North Carolina
3. What type of practice do you have?
  • Member of a Firm
4. What is your relationship to your RIA?
  • Owner
5. What are your years of financial services experience?
  • 12 Years
6. Do you have one or more degrees from an accredited college or university?
Western Carolina University
7. What categories of financial services do you provide for fees? Another professional (CPA, estate attorney) by provide one or more of the services. Their services are available through you.
  • No
8. What are your license and registration numbers?
9. What are your current registrations and licenses?
  • No Active Security Licenses
10. Do you acknowledge you are a fiduciary when you provide financial advice and services for fees?
  • Yes
11. In what states are you licensed or registered to sell investment services and products for fees or commissions?
  • None
12. In what states are you licensed to sell insurance products for commissions?
  • None
13. In the past five years, do you have any disclosures on your investment or insurance compliance records?
  • Investment Disclosures: No
  • Insurance Disclosures: No
14. Since you became an adult, do you have any criminal disclosures (misdemeanors/felonies)?
  • No
15. My ADV Part II is:
16. Do you have any additional disclosures?
  • None
  • 17. What are your methods of compensation?
    • Hourly Fee
    • Fixed Fee
    • Asset-Based Fee
    18. Will you work with clients over the telephone and Internet?
    • Yes
    19. What types of reports do you provide your clients and what is the frequency?
    • Performance (Quarterly)
    • Brokerage Statement (Monthly)
    • Newsletters (Bi-Monthly)
    20. Will you meet with prospective clients at their locations?
    • Yes
    21. Do you make investment decisions for your clients without their approval in advance?
    • Both discrectionary and non-discretionary services
    22. Scope of Business: What is your current number of clients (not accounts)?
    • 54
    23. Scope of Business: What are your current assets under management or advisement? (Compensation is fees)
    • $23,500,000
    24. Do you have a minimum fee requirement?
    • None
    25. Do you have a minimum asset requirement?
    • None
    26. Do you speak any additional languages fluently?
    • None
    27. Do you provide any limited engagement services?
    • Financial Plan Reviews
    • Investment Portfolio Reviews
    28. Which categories of financial services do you provide for fees? Another professional (CPA, estate attorney) may provide one or more of these services.
    • Planning
    • Investment
    29. Do you sell investment or insurance products for commissions?
    • None
    30. What types of clients do you work with?
    • Individuals
    • Retirees
    • Pension
    • Other
    • Foundations
    • Businesses
    31. Which custodian(s) take physical possession of your clients' assets? If applicable, name the top three in order of importance
    • Shareholders Service Group
    • Scottrade


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    Advisor Name: David Hunter
    Most Recent Update: Mar 15, 2014