Why Paladin?

We believe all investors, who rely on financial advisors, have two goals. They want to:

  • Select competent, ethical professionals to help them achieve financial goals
  • Avoid low quality advisors who use deceptive sales tactics

Achieving these goals are not easy. That's because low quality advisors know how to sound like top quality advisors. There is no regulation that prevents this shady practice. In fact, it is your responsibiity to determine who is telling the truth.

Low quality advisors use this tactic because they know:

  • You have no record of what they say
  • There is no easy way to check the accuracy of their claims
  • They have nothing to lose. They cannot win if they tell you the truth

Level Playing Field

Want to even the odds that you select a top quality advisor? Paladin services are game-changers that are provided free to investors who rely on financial advisors:

  • We provide information about financial advisors and firms
  • We vet the quality and trustworthiness of advisors and firms
  •  We rate the quality of advisors and firms
  • We document advisor responses for your records
  • We provide an online Registry so the advisors are easy to find
  • You select a top quality financial advisor and avoid low quality advisors 

Get the Facts

Financial advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. It is your responsibility to ask the right questions and know good answers (benefit you) from bad ones (create hidden risks). Or, we can do the work for you:

  • We get the facts
  • We review the information and conduct online checks
  • We rate the quality of the advisors' responses
  • We produce reports so you have a written record

Hidden Risks

Your biggest risk, when you select a financial professional, is a low quality advisor who uses sales tactics to convince you he is a high quality advisor. There is no regulatory agency that protect you from this risk.  

Our Registry

FREE Paladin Registry services help you find vetted, 5-Star rated, advisors. . 

Paladin says.....

You can find, vet, and rate the quality of advisors yourself or you can let Paladin Research do the work for you. These advisors are profiled on Paladin's Registry services.


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