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Why Paladin?

I already have a financial advisor. How can Paladin help me?

We do not sell financial advice and services. We provide FREE information and services that help you make the right decisions when you rely on planners and advisors. For example, we tell you how advisors:

  • Use fake credentials to deceive you
  • Withhold important information from you 
  • Put their financial interests ahead of yours
  • Produce bad returns for excessive risk and expense 

What You Know

Advisors want to control what you hear so they can control your financial decisions. You hear what the advisors want you to hear. You may not hear what you need to know to make the right decision. We can help.

What You Don't Know

Advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. Consequently, it is legal to withhold information that would cause you to reject them or their sales recommendations. It is your sole responsibility to ask the right questions and know good answers (benefit you) from bad ones (damage you). We can help.

Not My Advisor!

Some investors have been lulled into a false sense of security by advisors who use superior sales skills to create personal relationships. They do not believe their advisors will take advantage of them to make more money. This is another form of hidden risk. We can help.  

Informed Decisions

You should make decisions based on documented facts and not finely honed sales pitches that may be based on exaggerated sales claims. We provide factual, independent information. You make the right decisions.

Avoid Mistakes

You are about to buy from a financial advisor. You decide to use a Paladin service that validates the quality of the advisor's credentials. You find out the advisor's credentials are bogus. You avoid a major financial mistake. You win.

Paladin says.....

Still wondering why Paladin? Google search "Wall Street" "scams", "fraud", and "fines". Headline after headline documents Wall Street business practices that have damaged millions of investors. We help you protect your financial interests.


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