Why Paladin?

Wall Street advisors want to be your friend because they know you trust people you like. They also know it is much easier to sell investment products to people who trust them.

What they don't tell you is the key difference that creates a core conflict of interest. You need assets to achieve your financial goals. Advisors need your assets to produce company revenue, executive bonuses, and personal income. 

Make the Right Decisions

Your financial security during retirement depends on the quality of decisions that you make today. Make the right decisons and you will have more assets. Make the wrong decisions and you will have less assets. We provide information that helps you make the right decisions!

No Strings Attached

Most websites offer free information to obtain your email address. We do not require your email address to access the information on this website. You may select "optional" reports and services that require an email address so we can communicate with you.

Increase Your Awareness

Is the stock market rigged to benefit Wall Street firms? Of course it is. Wall Street firms control the markets, the regulators, and the politicians who make the rules that govern the industry. This creates a major hidden risk when you invest your assets in the securities markets. We increase your awareness and help you avoid Wall Street's most predatory business practices.

Avoid Big Mistakes

What if Wall Street advertisements and sales pitches are not true? What if you are being manipulated so you will buy what Wall Street representatives are selling? We know the tricks of the trade. We expose the tircks so you can avoid them.

You Protect Your Interests

You cannot expect Wall Street to protect your financial interests. It has a major conflict of interest. You cannot expect the regulatory agencies to protect you. They are controlled by Wall Street. You have to protect your own interests. We provide Facts, Tips, Insights, and Services that help you make decisions that benefit you. 

Paladin Says.....

You cannot change Wall Street executives or Washington politicians. One wants your money. The other needs money to stay in power. Your money produces big bonuses for executives and keep corrupt politicians in power. You have to change they way you make financial decisions so your financial interests come first.