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Why Paladin?

All advisors say they are trustworthy financial experts. Unfortunately, this is not true 75% of the time. Advisors make this claim to reduce your sales resistance and convince you to buy what they are selling. 

We launched Paladin in 2003 to provide the information you need to select top quality financial advisors in your community. No more selecting advisors based on sales pitches and undocumented sales claims. 

We added a Registry of vetted, 5 Star rated advisors in 2004 for investors who may not know any high quality advisors.  

We are experts on financial advisors and firms. Our expertise helps you make the right decisions.

What Decisions?

You have a lot of choices when you select a financial advisor. The question is do you select the advisor:

  • With the best personality?
  • With the best sales presentation?
  • From a brand name firm that advertises on TV?
  • Who works at your local bank?

Our FREE information services help you make the right decision.

Select High Quality Advisors

The content and services on our website will help you select top quality advisors. You selection decision will be based on objective criteria that impact the advisor's competence, ethics, and business practices.  

Avoid Low Quality Advisors

A low quality advisor may be incompetent, unethical, or both. He may be a skilled salesman. He may have a great personality. His recommendations may damage the achievement of your financial goals. We help you identify and avoid low quality advisors. 

Paladin says.....

You are about to buy from a financial advisor. You use a Paladin service that validates the quality of the advisor's credentials. You determine the advisor's credentials are fake. Should you trust an advisor who uses this deceptive sales tactic? You avoid a major financial mistake.


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