Why Paladin?

We produce significant value for the millions of investors who have used our free information and services:
  • We find financial advisors and firms    
  • We ask the right questions
  • We research advisor responses
  • We rate the quality of advisor responses
  • We document advisor responses
  • We connect investors to vetted advisors and firms

Our Experience

We have been vetting, validating, and documenting the quality of financial advisors since 2003.

Our Registration

Paladin is the only SEC registered firm that vets, validates, and documents the quality of financial advisor credentials, ethics, business practices and services.

Our Independence

We are an information services company, not a financial services company. No financial advisor or firm owns any part of Paladin. 

Public Data

Paladin is your best source for public data that documents advisor competence and trustworthiness. We provide more than 40 data points for each advisor or firm that is profiled in the Paladin Registry.

  • We ask the right questions for you
  • We know good answers (benefits) from bad ones (risks)
  • We document advisors responses

Paladin says.....

Select the advisor with the best credentials, ethics, business practices, and services. Do not select the advisor with the best sales pitch or the biggest, undocumented sales claims.


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