Why Paladin?

Wall Street advisors want to be your friend because they know you trust people you like. It is easy to sell investment products to people who like and trust you. At the same time, Wall Street advisors are your adversaries. They need your assets to produce company revenue, executive bonuses, and personal income. 

You have seen the headlines. Wall Street has a major conflict of interest. Paladin levels the playing field. Our free Facts & Services help you make the right financial decisions.

A Rigged Stock Market

Is the stock market rigged to benefit Wall Street firms? Of course it is. Wall Street firms control the markets, the regulators, and the politicians who make the rules that govern the industry. The number one goal of Wall Street executives is not helping you achieve your goals. They don't even know you. Their number one goal is maximizing the revenue they generate from your assets.

Masters of Manipulation

What if Wall Street advertisements and sales pitches are not true? What if you are being manipulated so you will buy what Wall Street representatives are selling? You may not know you have been manipulated, until years from now, when you cannot afford to retire.

You Protect Your Interests

You cannot expect Wall Street to protect your financial interests. It has a major conflict of interest. You cannot expect the regulatory agencies to protect you. They are controlled by Wall Street. You have to protect your own interests. And, the more you know the better prepared you are to make decisions that help you achieve retirement goals and avoid major mistakes.

The Paladin Difference

We cannot change Wall Street. It is too powerful, too established, and too profitable. You can change how you make financial decisions that impact when you retire, how you live during retirement, and your financial security late in life.

Paladin helps you make the right decisions. We can afford to tell you the truth. We are not trying to sell you financial products. Our Facts & Services are free!