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Why Paladin?

All advisors say they are trustworthy financial experts. They know: 

  • This is what you want to hear
  • This claim reduces your sales resistance
  • You do not have an easy way to validate the accuracy of this claim
  • You do not question the advice of "experts".

Unfortunately, this undocumented sales claim is not true 65% of the time. It is a deceptive sales tactic that is used by low quality advisors who sell investment and insurance products. They know you will not buy if you have the facts.

We Can Help!

We wrote the book, Who's Watching Your Money?, that describes the right way to select top quality financial advisors.

We launched Paladin in 2003 to provide independent information, tools, and services you can use to make the right decisions when you select financial advisors and firms.  

We added a Registry of vetted, 5 Star rated advisors in 2004 to help you find top quality advisors who work in your area.

Select High Quality Advisors

The content and services on this website will help you select top quality advisors based on objective criteria that impact the advisor's competence, ethics, and services.  

Avoid Low Quality Advisors

A low quality advisor can be pleasant, incompetent, unethical, or all of the above. He may also be a highly skilled salesman who knows how to convince you to buy what he is selling. His reward is based on the amount of revenue he can generate from your assets. And, if he is really slick, you will not know it is happening. 

Paladin says.....

Who is going to protect your financial interests? Not the regulatory agencies (FINRA, SEC), they do not know you exist. Not advisors, they are busy making money from your assets. Only you can protect your financial interests. We can help!


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