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Why Paladin?

I already have a financial advisor. How can Paladin help me?

You have a choice. You can make decisions based on information that is controlled by financial advisors. Or, you can supplement their information with the FREE content and services on this website.

We are experts on financial advisors and firms. Our expertise helps you make the right decisions.

What Decisions?

Which advisor should you select? Is the advisor telling you the truth? Can you trust your current advisor? Should you replace your current advisor? If you replace an advisor, should you use the same process to select a new advisor?

Accurate Information

Paladin is your source for accurate, unbiased information about advisors. All advisors have an inherent conflict of interest. They make money if they can convince you to buy what they are selling. The conflict produces hidden risks for you. 

What You Don't Know

A major source of financial risk is what you don't know. Advisors do not have mandatory disclosure requirements. It is legal to withhold information that would cause you to reject them or their sales recommendations. 

Not My Advisor!

Some investors have been lulled into a false sense of security by advisors who use superior sales skills to create personal relationships. They do not believe their advisors will take advantage of them to make more money. This is a major form of hidden risk. Should you trust your current advisor?  

Paladin says.....

Consider this scenario. You are about to buy from a financial advisor. You use a Paladin service that validates the quality of the advisor's credentials. You determine the advisor's credentials are fake. Can you trust an advisor who uses a deceptive sales tactic? You avoid a major financial mistake.


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