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Why Paladin?

All advisors say they are trustworthy financial experts. That is because they know: 

  • There is no easy way to validate the accuracy of this sales claim
  • The claim works - it reduces your sales resistance
  • You do not question the advice of experts

Paladin helps you identify real experts and avoid salesmen who masquerade as experts.

5-Star Quality Rating

Unethical advisors can buy fake 5-Star quality ratings the same way they buy fake college degrees and certifications. Only Paladin quality ratings are based on comprehensive vetting and rating processes that have been reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

We Wrote the Boook

We wrote the book, Who's Watching Your Money?, that describes the right way to identify real financial experts and avoid skilled salesmen who claim to be experts.

Paladin Research

Our only business is vetting and rating the expertise and ethics of financial planners and financial advisors. We ask the right questions. We know good answers (benefit you) from bad ones (create hidden risks). We document advisor responses for you. 

Online Information

We do not provide information about selecting stocks. We provide the information you need to select real financial experts. The more you know the better prepared you are to protect your financial interests.

Paladin says.....

Who is going to protect your financial interests? Not the regulatory agencies (FINRA, SEC), they do not know you exist. Not advisors, they are busy making money from your assets. You have to protect your financial interests. We can help.


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