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We are an independent research organization. However, we do not research stocks and bonds. We research financial firms and advisors who sell planning, investment, and insurance products to individuals.

Our research produces FREE information and services that help you make the right decisions when you buy advice, services, and products from financial professionals.


We can afford to tell you the truth. That is because we have nothing to sell you. For example, we know the answers to these critical questions:

  • What are the characteritics of top quality advisors?
  • How can you identify and avoid low quality advisors?
  • What type of advisor is held to the highest ethical standard?
  • What sales tactics create the biggest hidden risks?


We also provide FREE services that help you make the right decisions:

  • Paladin Registry: Find vetted financial professionals with 5 Star quality ratings
  • Check a Credential: There are 250 advisor certifications. 38% are fake
  • Advisor Ratings: Rate what you know about an advisor before you buy
  • Bill of Rights: Protect your interests when financial advisors invest your assets

Paladin Says.....

The less you know the more dependent you are on Wall Street advisors. Wall Street's biggest nightmare is an informed investor who knows how to determine the quality of financial advisors. Choose to be an informed investor.


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