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We started 14 years ago to help two types of investors. Those who wanted to:

  • Learn more about financial advisors
  • Find documented advisors in their communities

We help investors protect their financial interests when they rely on financial advisors to help them achieve their financial goals.

We provide FREE services that help you find, research, and select financial advisors and firms that will influence or control your planning and investment decisions. 

Investor Education & Tools

Want to learn more financial advisors? Go to About Advisors.

We also provide FREE tools and information that help you make the right decision. For example, you can use Paladin's FREE Check a Credential service to determine the quality of advisor credentials. Why check credentials? Some advisors use fake credentials to convince you they are financial experts. 

Paladin Registry

Want to find advisors who work in your area? Go to Find Advisors on the top navigation:

  • We match you to advisors who meet your specific requirements
  • Or, you select the advisors you want to talk to 

Advisor Research

Our research team provides the following information services to investors:

  • We gather data from financial advisors (professionals, firms) for you
  • We visit advisor websites and conduct Google name searches for you
  • We review advisor compliance records (FINRA, SEC, State) for you
  • We document advisor credentials, ethics, business practices, services in research reports for you

We ask the right questions and document advisor responses so you don't have to. We produce a research report for each advisor and firm so you have a permanent record of their responses.

A tip from Paladin.....

We can provide the facts. Only you can protect your financial interests.  


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