What We Do

Knowledge is power! The more you know the better prepared you are to achieve your financial goals and protect your financial interests.

We conduct research on four financial topics that impact you: Retirement, Investing, Wall Street, and Financial Advisors. Then we produce FREE Facts and Insights (Paladin Says) that help you make the right financial decisions.

We provide the facts you need to make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes that damage your plans for a secure, comfortable retirement.


Wall Street's favorite assets are in IRA Rollover accounts - the asset amounts can be substantial, the investment horizons are long-term, and there is very little protection for investors.. We provide answers for retirement issues that impact your ability to accumulate and preserve the value of your assets. How much money will you need? How much risk should you take? What is a realistic performance expectation? How do you minimize the risk of failure?  What should you pay in investment expense?

Wall Street

Wall Street advertising touts its knowledge and trustworthiness. Wall Street business practices are another story. You have seen the headlines. Wall Street is infamous for doing what is best for Wall Street shareholders, executives, and advisors. We expose predatory Wall Street business practices so you can avoid them.


Burying your retirement assets in the backyard is not an option. You have to invest your assets in various types of securities that produce income and appreciation. This need exposes you to the Wall Street marketing machine and multiple sources of financial risk. Your biggest potential risk is substantial investment losses due to bad advice and bad financial products. We help you minimize these risks.


There are really good financial financial advisors and there are really bad financial advisors. How do you tell them apart? Bad advisors use sales and relationship skills to market themselves as good advisors. You must know the critical differences if you are going to depend on them to help you accumulate and preserve retirement assets.

This is tougher than it sounds. Bad advisors know how to sound like financial experts. We know the critical differences. Our knowledge helps you avoid bad advisors: