Jack Waymire is the founder of Paladin Research & Registry. He established Paladin in 2003 to help investors make the right decisions when they selected and retained financial advisors. Since then he has worked with thousands of investors, financial advisors, and financial firms. He is widely recognized as an expert on vetting, rating, and documenting the quality of financial advisors.

Jack received a BA in Economics from California State University Sacramento and an MBA in Business from Pepperdine University. 

He spent the first several years of his career in the data communications and computer industries, primarily at Xerox Corporation and Burroughs/GSI. In his last position, he was VP of Marketing and responsible for the operation of 47 U.S. sales and service offices.

A.G. Becker

Jack left the computer industry and joined A.G. Becker (Warburg Paribas Becker) as an institutional consultant and later Vice President for pension, endowment, and foundation assets. His clients included MCA, Walt Disney, Screen Actors Guild, USC, Caltech, the City of Los Angeles, Blue Cross, and the State of Arizona. Jack was responsible for more than $7 billlion of institutional assets.


After two years at a Los Angeles money management firm, Jack co-founded Lexington Capital Management, a money management firm that was also owned by Lexington Management Corporation. He added a broker/dealer, a pension administration company, a charitable trust company, and more than 150 advisors to Lexington over the next several years. He also acted as Lexington Capital Management's Chief Investment Officer for several years and was instrumental in developing a virtual back office for independent advisors and financial institutions.  

He was the president of Lexington and two successor firms for 20 years. His companies were acquired by London Pacific in 1996. The London Pacific companies were acquired by Sungard Wealth Management Services in 2003. Jack left Sungard in February 2004 to promote his book and work full-time at Paladin. 

Who's Watching Your Money?

Jack wrote Who's Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor after several of his friends lost more than 50% of their life savings during the stock market crash of 2000 - 2002. He saw how bad financial advice increased the magnitude of their losses. His book was published by John Wiley & Sons in December, 2003. It was the first book that taught investors how to select the best financial advisors. You can buy the book on Amazon (ISBN 0471476993).

Paladin Research & Registry

Jack started the Paladin companies on April 1, 2003. He launched an investor education website in April, 2004 that was based on the principles in his book. A Registry of 350 vetted, validated, documented financial planners and advisors was added to the site in October, 2004. This was the first online service that profiled financial professionals with comprehensive documentation for their credentials, ethics, and business practices.

Paladin says.....

Jack is supported by a team of dedicated professionals who are focused on helping investors make the right decisions when they select the best financial advisors.


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