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What if there was one financial information website you could trust to tell you the truth because it has nothing to sell you? We provide FREE facts, tips, and services that you will not find on websites that sell investment and insurance products.

You have seen the headlines! One of your biggest financial risks is what you don't know about Wall Street advisors and firms. We level the playing field. FREE Paladin services help you make the right decisions when you rely on financial advisors to help you invest your retirement assets in the securities markets.

Our Independence

We are an independent information services company:

  • We are NOT a financial services company
  • We do NOT provide investment advice or recommendations
  • We are NOT licensed to sell any financial products
  • We are NOT owned by a Wall Street firm or professional

No Strings Attached

Many websites offer free information to obtain your email address. We do not require registration to access the information on this website. You may select optional reports and services that require an email address. The choice is yours.

Our Background

We are uniquely qualified to provide Facts & Services that help you make the right decisions:

  • We have provided information services to investors since 2003
  • Our principals spent 50 years in the financial service industry
  • We know the hidden risks you face when you depend on Wall Street
  • We have vetted thousands of advisors and firms for investors
  • Our founder wrote: Who's Watching Your Money (Wiley, 2003)
  • Paladin has more than 500,000 references on the Internet
  • Read about us: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance