About Us 

We provide four FREE information services that help you select top quality financial advisors and firms:

  • Research reports that document quality
  • Facts you should know about advisors and firms
  • Tools that help you select the best advisors
  • A Registry of vetted, 5-Star rated, advisors and firms

Paladin is the only SEC registered firm that vets, rates, and validates the quality of financial advisors and firms.

Research & Registry

Paladin is a research organization that sponsors a Registry of 5-Star rated financial advisors and firms.

  • All of our online information services are provided FREE to investors
  • We have been vetting, rating, and documenting advisors since 2003
  • Everything you need to know about advisors is on this website
  • Our principals spent 50 years in the financial service industry
  • Our founder wrote: Who's Watching Your Money!
  • Paladin Registry has more than 400,000 references on the Internet
  • More than 1.8 million people have used our information and services
  • Read about us: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance

Our Independence

We are an information services company; not a financial services company.

  • We do not sell financial advice, services, or products
  • We are not affiliated with any financial firm or advisor
  • Our owners are active Paladin employees

Paladin says.....

All financial advisors claim to be investment experts. Some are telling you the truth. Some make this claim to control or influence your financial decisions. We provide the facts. You avoid a deceptive sales practice.


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