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About Paladin

We do not sell investment advice, services, or products. We are experts on the planners, advisors, and money managers who want to influence or control your financial plan and the investment of your assets. 

You need assets to achieve your financial goals. Advisors need your assets to produce personal income. These competing interests impact every investor in America. Paladin levels the playing field for investors.

Our FREE information and services help you:

  • Make the right decisions when you depend on financial advisors
  • Avoid bad advisor decisions that cost you Irretrievable time and money
  • Achieve your financial goals

Our Independence

We are an information services company; not a financial services company.

  • We are not licensed to sell any financial products
  • We do not derive any financial benefit from your investment decisions
  • We are not affiliated with any financial firm or advisor
  • We are owned by professionals who work at Paladin

Our Background

Our specialized expertise helps you make the right decisions.

  • We have provided information services to investors since 2003
  • Our principals spent 50 years in the financial service industry
  • Our founder wrote: Who's Watching Your Money!
  • We have vetted thousands of advisors and firms for investors
  • Paladin Registry has more than 900,000 references on the Internet
  • More than 1.6 million investors have used our information services
  • Read about us: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance

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